Friday, July 19, 2024

    The Zazzan Infinity breathing took me into such incredible states of bliss, into an awareness of being beyond breath, beyond form... like a soul sensation of pure joy!

    Elizabeth - Los Angeles

    jumping-with-joy2 sml Zazzan acknowledges you, the reader are ‘always’ in One dynamic; seamless, symbiotic relationship with all natural and living things. Zazzan further recognises that being blind-sided to this natural state of wholeness, is what creates the idea of separation – Duality, fears, self-doubts, inadequacy etc. Zazzan is a breath-resonance-light modality that focuses on assisting individuals reconnect with their default Unity state-of-being by upleveling their abilities to know & perceive experientially who they magnificently are.

    Be in Balance, Live in Harmony, Walk in Beauty.