A bridge is being remade to a part of ourselves long lost.  A wound that has imbued Humanity since its 3rd density inception, across infinite parallel Earth versions of itself, is coming home.
The refraction that was beautifully created via this water based reality, deliberately skewed our reflection as “Self’. The liquid displacement birthed what we call ‘Duality’, a new angle of consciousness reflected, where our eternal ever present isness was refracted back indirectly, birthing the experience of subject and object.
All Parallel 3D versions of Earth (MWI) have been working through and exploring the ‘refraction’, mostly negatively, due to the arising fear generated from not instantly and directly knowing oneself as the source of the reflected creation – ‘Love-Unity’.
Like a bat in a cave or a dolphin in water, both rely on sonar bouncing back to navigate their reality.  Thus the Watery refraction displaced us from feeling ‘equal’, balanced and whole, as the idea of separation and being out-of-control took hold.
To get back into balance and mitigate the refraction, systems were created far and wide, all but ‘band-aids’ were they, for the theme was agreed, so we see.
Many an Earth used techno-logic, a mindful endeavor to reflect the control they felt they had lost but all it did was divide body from mind, and emotions were the casualty.
Just as Masaru Emoto discovered water takes the form of the beholder. So countless Earth’s did evolve in frustration, not knowing right from wrong, the forces applied to unite differences, begot from refraction, did  reflect in kind manifesting  as de-form-ity and many a an Earth did succumb ,  soul-ly because of mistaken identity.
The grey’s we know and hybrids they spawned are reflecting to us the part we disowned,
our failures we cast to our darkest recesses, reminders of the pain withheld within.
A time when Time was lost
But now we can embrace, for NO failures were ever indeed committed, don’t you see?
Mistaken identity is all that survives.
A great new arc of perception is now upon thee.
It’s a shift in densit -tee.
Simultaneously  – refraction is evolved into purit-eeee,
akin to steam becoming plasma.
a phase change shift is all it takes to see pure -lllyyyy
The Key is TIME.
Time was used to compensate for the in-aqua-see,
Birthing wonders of i-mediate-see
Open eye’s and you will see.
note: the coming Avatar 2 movie – is a collective signal of 20/20 spectrum vision.  Director James Cameron’s movie will solve the refraction interface between Air & Water from a filming point-of-view.  It’s eventual release date, whenever that is, will be a delightful mass marker for Hue-manity.
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G the founder of Zazzan has been around various transcendental practices for two decades having had his curiosity sparked while working as an antiquities guide in Crete & Egypt during the early 90’s, in the 2000’s G delved deeper into the mystery and paradox of life, from Sufi whirling to Native American Sundance and much more, learning via direct participation in a variety of indigenous practices. Further time spent living in Egypt & Atlantis (aka Cuba) rekindled his interest in an ancient ‘resonance’ device located within the largest Egyptian pyramid. “I realised vibration was the source of time & space, the pulse of life. Our bodies are like musical instruments, tuned and interconnected to the ever present Now”. G found by keying our core frequency in particular ways participants can awaken innate gifts unto now dormant, such as; Inter-species communication, channeling, deja vu, synchronistic happenings, enhanced creativity, increased productivity, mood improvement & heightened awareness. Zazzan are pleased to announce they will be taking a copper replica of an ancient Egyptian acoustic chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Cheops around New Zealand, which will be available for sessions.

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