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    NZ Spirit Festival


    April 22nd – April 25th 2021: Kumeu Showgrounds,

    Zazzan stall will be located in the healing zone. Egyptian replica coffer will be available for sessions

    Lunasa 2021


    Zazzan are pleased to be bringing our Egyptian sarcophagus to this event as we did 2 years ago @ Luminate 2019

    Earth Beat 2021


    Kaipara, Auckland. March 17-21, 2021 Equinox. Earth Beat is Aotearoa’s most innovative and earth-friendly music and arts festival.

    Zazzan will be in the healing zone.

    Welcome to the Void


    The Egyptian chamber is a volumetric copper replica of an ancient granite sarcophagus , one that has existed for millennia in its original position inside a chamber of perfect golden ration proportions in the heart of Egypt’s largest pyramid.

    A pyramid that remains the last symbol of a previous advance civilization. one who’s architectural & geometric mastery to this day surpasses our world’s greatest abilities

    Aligned via pyramidal shafts to the constellations: Draco, Sirius & Pleiades. A BBC documentary speculated the purpose of the ‘coffer’ was to renew the Pleiadean Soul.

    Available for private bookings: zazzan.nz

    bookings : calendar availability

    Happy Easter, Ishtar, I’star 2-4th April 2021

    At her most powerful ‘I-Star’ (Easter) ignites a Unity ‘filament’ within, overexposing everything that is hidden & unreal, allowing One to reverberate as everything without. By pausing the ‘thinking-believing’ mind, resting it in the stillness of the Heart, a chrysalis is activated transforming black & white dualism into wings of Gold & Silver trinary perception,  polarity as paradox is reborn. 

    About Zazzan


    Zazzan acknowledges you, the reader are ‘always’ in One dynamic; seamless, symbiotic relationship with all natural and living things. Zazzan further recognises that being blind-sided to this natural state of wholeness, is what creates the idea of separation – Duality, fears, self-doubts, inadequacy etc. Zazzan is a breath-resonance-light modality that focuses on assisting individuals reconnect with their default Unity state-of-being by upleveling their abilities to know & perceive experientially who they magnificently are.

    Be in Balance, Live in Harmony, Walk in Beauty.



    Free-Fall occasionally happens during ‘Pause’. One essentially falls into the space between ones duality ‘I-I’ identity.

    Zazzan breathing loosens the solidity of ego whereby slippage can occur, in the blink of an eye, one can experience their entire ‘duality’ life, all good & bad experiences & memories leaving them. This is a beautiful and terrifying place, akin to ‘dying’, like falling off a cliff, or into a bottomless well. The floor beneath ones feet is removed, there is nothing to hold onto, unless tempted to re-engage with these old impressions of an identity.

    Zazzan, supports this process of letting go of ones old black & white identity but it can never prepare one fully for the actual experience, which is guaranteed to catch one off-guard. Vulnerability is supremely tested at this juncture.
    Ideally one meets it with surrender, fearlessly, but its easier said than done, if one falls through their ego a phoenix rebirth, transforms into flying, indeed one cannot tell if they are falling or flying because there’s no contrast available, its perfect equilibrium.
    In a sense one has earn’t their wings, Oh butterfly!

    Free-fall is an occurrence that can happen instantly or slowly over years and a lifetime. There’s no right or wrong way, time is immaterial.

    The Meeting


    The key event of Creation, related in ancient form by The Emerald tablet;

    All things are made from One, by the [consideration] of One, so all things were made from this One, by conjunction. By this means the world was founded

    By dropping into ‘Now’, the Space between polarity, its possible to unravel how these marvelous ‘conjunctions’ or crossings, create all things. In a sense their is a code within each of us, like a map, that aligns one ‘above & below’. It’s thus a key to Unity and harmony with all living and natural things.

    Trinity Bliss


    Trinity Bliss, is a Zazzan adjective. Its the shortest combination of words that most adequately describes Zazzan. Trinity represents the eternal union of the ‘The meeting’ miracle, where polarity; Gold & Silver, Sun & Moon, Fire & Water recognise their unity. It’s the biblical atonement (Yom Kippur) event, whereby; I & Other, reconcile as; Lover & Beloved. as One Blissful, eternal embrace.

    Play >


    Play > Is an actual state-of-being, which arises when ‘Pause’ is added to Polarity to form Trinity (Bliss). ‘Play’ is the practical loving and living of Life as one seamless interconnected ‘whole’  experience, reflected outwardly as synchronicity.

    The framework for the expression of ‘Play’ is set around the 2020 – 2022 span, Birth year of Trinity (20/20) Vision.

    Play>shops begin 13th December 2019 in Nelson, New Zealand