Saturday, May 25, 2024

    It started with a Breath

    Glenn the founder of Zazzan has been around various transcendental practices for decades having had his curiosity sparked while working as an antiquities guide in Egypt during the early 90’s, in the 2000’s Glenn delved deeper into the mystery of life from an indigenous perspective: Sufi whirling, Dogon’s & Sirus (Mali),  Native American Sundance, Chinese energy healing, South American plant medicine, Buddhist retreats, Inca & Mayan temazcal et al. learning via direct participation in a variety of practices, Zazzan is the blending of those via breath, movement, imagination, sound & silence.

    Recent time spent living in Atlantis (aka Cuba) & revisiting Egypt rekindled his interest in an ancient ‘resonance’ device located within the largest Egyptian pyramid.

    “I realised humanity is mostly avoiding the Void, the space between stars, planets & atoms is the womb of life, the source of expansion & transcendence”.

    Glenn found by keying our core frequency in particular ways to the void, participants can awaken innate gifts unto now dormant, such as; Aura energy perception, past/future life awareness, Inter-species communication, channeling,  enhanced creativity, increased productivity, mood improvement & overall expanded awareness.