Free-Fall occasionally happens during ‘Pause’. One essentially falls into the space between ones duality ‘I-I’ identity.

Zazzan breathing loosens the solidity of ego whereby slippage can occur, in the blink of an eye, one can experience their entire ‘duality’ life, all good & bad experiences & memories leaving them. This is a beautiful and terrifying place, akin to ‘dying’, like falling off a cliff, or into a bottomless well. The floor beneath ones feet is removed, there is nothing to hold onto, unless tempted to re-engage with these old impressions of an identity.

Zazzan, supports this process of letting go of ones old black & white identity but it can never prepare one fully for the actual experience, which is guaranteed to catch one off-guard. Vulnerability is supremely tested at this juncture.
Ideally one meets it with surrender, fearlessly, but its easier said than done, if one falls through their ego a phoenix rebirth, transforms into flying, indeed one cannot tell if they are falling or flying because there’s no contrast available, its perfect equilibrium.
In a sense one has earn’t their wings, Oh butterfly!

Free-fall is an occurrence that can happen instantly or slowly over years and a lifetime. There’s no right or wrong way, time is immaterial.

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