‘Let food be thy medicine’

A lion's spirit perspective on the destruction of earth's eco systems

diet n destruction

“Many of you consume animals out of vanity to improve your muscles so you can take pretty pictures.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but what I want you to know is if that  is the reason then it will lead to the destruction of much of your eco systems, not because there’s anything wrong with that but because that desire to create bodies out of vanity, comes from an unhealed emotional trauma within the Self, where a person wants to improve themselves, get stronger, get bigger, I must, I must, I must and it is actually coming from an endless pit of attempting to fulfill & improve the sense of Self from utilising externalised things. Many people in your society utilise animals in this way and there is something very intimate about consuming life force, the idea is when someone doesn’t feel they are enough sometimes they will  consume excessive amounts of life force, this does not always manifest as eating animals, sometimes it can manifest as someone mistreating somebody where they are actually trying to extract life force through the emotional charge that they evoke in other people.

Now understand that this type of animal consumption of animal products if it is coming from this type of motivation is going to lead to destruction of eco systems.  Same result if a person consumes animal products to be healthy because health does NOT come from Outside of you, because health is created by you inside of yourself then your actions reflect your understanding of your own healthy embodied organic state that comes from within. so if you have a negative definition of health you’ll always be seeking externally to fortify your: health, vitamins, gym, fasting, eat steak every night, whatever it is , understand that these are the types of motivations that when interwoven with the consumption of animals are actually leading your society down a road where the destruction of eco systems will be inevitable.  So the real key here is to begin to remember that your state-of-being is generated from within you, without exception. The moment you decide I am healthy, I am strong that message will radiate throughout your cells and the more you let go of the beliefs ‘i am sick, I am dying, I am wasting away to the passage of time’ the more you let go of that the less you will experience that and engage in actions that promote that. Which means you will consume less by embodying your own natural healthy state.

This is a respectful way you can utilise animals in a manner that will ensure that you will not destroy eco-systems within your Earth, our Earth.”

Full channeled Lion Spirit via Tyler Ellison available here

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