Gold & Silver, Rays of Unity

These two rays, represent the ‘conjucto’ X’ing event, they are the Z & N in ZioN & ZazzaN. Just to clarify it is ONE ray, that becomes something else the moment it turns around and crosses itself. Upon crossing, self awareness is born. Imagine Source itself, looking into a mirror. Thus we can deduce the colour Silver, is synonymous as the pure reflection of SELF, the first Mirror.

Everything in manifest creation will display this event, our Sun & Moon are a stepped down version of it. Down on Earth its effect is Day & Night, which we derive our Black & white (b&w) polarities from, as we step down further.

The shift from Duality; ( b&w), winning & losing, good & bad, pain & pleasure and the innumerable ways we have chosen to experience it, to Unified Trinity is a BIG ONE!.

But really its just a simple switch in perspective. We are so IN the game of Polarity, that we cannot see White in Black or Black in White. And let’s face it, Polarity wouldn’t be Polarity if we could.

Trinity (Bliss) is based upon those two colours being perceived as Gold & Silver, no particular relationship, (White can be Gold or Silver as Black can be, because they are dynamically interchangeable). What then happens is you will begin to perceive the reflective nature of consciousness, As everything in manifestation is made from consciousness, one will start to see themselves in what they perceive, a new relatedness unfolds. You’re the ONE that’s looking in the Mirror of ALL. The separation, created by the b&w rays, collapses into Unity, or Love.