Sunday, May 26, 2024

    The Zazzan breath brings me to a state of stillness and oneness. In the moment, present but separated from the drama swirling around me! I'm grateful for this magnificent gift!

    Douglas - Little Rock, USA

    Pause button The purpose of PAUSE is to ignite a Unity ‘filament’ allowing One to reverberate with everything. By pausing the mind and adding a special type of breath, a chrysalis is activated where black & white duality sheds a skin to leave Gold & Silver wings of balanced polarity PAUSE is an experiential, pupae, stage which establishes thought equilibrium. By ‘checking’ the Mind one can release deep seated patterns rooted in the drama of duality. Benefits: Enhances Creativity, Increased productivity & Mood improvement, Heightened awareness, Vitality booster, Lifts the fog of depression.