Zazzan Projects, are creative, joyful, real-world expressions, that seek to align people with their passion for life.

We see a World where people are drawn to ‘circles’, teams of people that wish to co-create the life they prefer to live, to share and serve. ‘Personal appreciation’.

For example: the Cuba project

We are currently exploring the process of creating an expansive beach-side spiritual wellness resort. Thus people may come forward with a range of skills, from running particular wellness workshops, vedic food, massage or meditation techniques, etc, to architects, and builders.  Thus services and input can be Internationally exchanged.

Would you be keen to come to Cuba,  and exchange your skills for a month or two? Perhaps you’re keen to build a Villa within the wellness resort, and loan it? Run a month long workshop, help run a conscious diet program. Would you open your home to a Cuban Salsa dance instructor, so they can share their gifts to the people of your town?

The idea is to promote mutual exchange, around ones deepest, creative JOY/Passion!.