Thoth’s 4th Density chamber

An inner dimensional replica of the Kings coffer in the great pyramid of Egypt

An ancient Egyptian resonance chamber for inner & outer exploration.

The volume measurements of the coffer are exact to the ancient sarcophagus found in the Great pyramid of Egypt.

The chamber acts as a Bio-feedback and amplification device. Using ancient Egyptian alchemy to expand perception of oneself, within & without. Thoth’s ascension chamber, allows us to raise & align our core resonance from a separate identity of self to an inclusive one. creating more flow, synchronicity and harmony in our lives. Dreaming a physical life, Living a physical dream. By raising our vibration to high gamma states we are able to match the speed we’re creating the reality at, enabling us to know that we’re the entire reality we once presumed we existed in.

“Legend tells that Thoth’s knowledge was deeply hidden in a secret place within every  human being, and was protected by a golden    serpent.   

The archetypal or perennial myth of the serpent  or dragon guarding a treasure is one that permeates many cultures and has been called by names such as kundalini shakti, chi, holy spirit, and inner energy. “
Samadhi Movie, 2017 – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”