Zazzan Symbolism

The Zazzan image above, is symbolised like ZION with Z & N bookends. Fire, the source of Light, depicted by 3 lines of a triangle, extrapolated into the letter ‘Z’. Water, created from Fire, by turning 90 degrees and X’ing (crossing) itself, creating pure reflection, the mirror of self awareness / consciousness.

A & Z, represent the Alpha & Omega. The Microcosm & Macrocosm, and ALL Polarities in stable prismatic ‘Triangular’ form. Every letter of ZAZZAN, is created from three Lines. The central AZ-ZA is actually only depicted correctly in the image above, write AZ on a piece of paper and place it in front of a mirror. You will notice the Z flips or reverses itself. AZ – and the reversed ZA, represent a star tetrahedron or merkaba. (AZ = 6 lines = tetrahedron or 3 sided pyramid) The central AZ-ZA (double triadic hexagram) symbolises pure; Balance, Harmony & Beauty, so above, so below, perceived consciously. Put another way, it symbolises the Polarity of; I & Other shifting to a new stabilised perspective of UNITY, or Trinity Bliss. Whereby I experience everything as mySELF, which radically alters my relationship to All natural & living things.  In Barbara Walker‘s The I Ching of the Goddess the symbol signifies  “By penetrating each other to the farthest boundary, god and Goddess formed between them the ancient Tantric symbol of the world and also the yoni: a diamond, flanked by four new triangles that were assimilated to the elements

ZION depicts the pattern of the perfectness of manifestation as consciousness. Z-AZZA-N goes a step further and invites you to embody that dimensional pattern as YOU.

Previously ZAZZAN was portrayed in the colours of polarity: black & white, zazzan 140 x 48px white this was because the colours of Trinity: Gold & Silver ( see Gold & silver rays of Unity) were not embodied until the major conjunctions 2020 & 2022 happen.

This ‘birth’ and ‘heart’ of Zazzan is the central diamond, which are formed from a Vesica Piscis as this reflects and repeats out the seed, and flower of life are created. As you can see from the imagery Zazzan letters are formed from this pattern.

There is so much more to this image and this page will constantly be updated as & when.

Zazzan has NO religious or ideological affiliation. It symbolises an embodied state of Bliss & Union with ones-Self. It is NOT based on Theory but practical results that align a being with their unique expression of JOY. Zazzan is NOT the definition of Ones JOY, it is only, one way, to access it.