Colombia, (apart from Coffee, Salsa & chocolate) offers wonderful potential for Spiritual Wellness ventures.

Its climate, diversified flora & fauna, land that stretches to the Amazon river in the South to the Pacific ocean in the west and Caribbean in the North,   make it a land of vast richness.

The days of international air travel, mean we are not so isolated, and thus the landscape is open for more adventure. Years ago people would have to emigrate to live in a foreign country, but nowadays changing the scene of our lives is a little easier, creating a project in  another country, is just a another step on from building a ‘bach’ in the sounds or a villa in the pacific islands. The benefit is by going a little further afield the diversity is often increased, the contrast becomes greater.

The focus of Zazzan is to align and live our creative gifts to the full. The sole idea is not for financial gain, rather ethical investment that align with our: Joy, happiness, adventure, challenge, transformation. Having fun being YOU.