Friday, April 12, 2024
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    Christ, crossing and creation


    christ s-1From my point of view, the image of Christ  symbolises the ‘crossing’ event

    Please notice how the ‘cross’ is incomplete.

    Just White light. Symbolising the source of all matter and creation. The great secret is revealed; polarity, alpha & omega arose from the same beginning. Life has not ‘happened’, it’s ‘happening’ and that’s what is being experienced, Now.
    This further underpins the lore that Jesus desired everyone to become living Christ’s, not cross-carrying Christians.


    Reflective Gold & Silver Unity


    reflection chess

    Gold & Silver rays are another way of saying everything is one-aware reflection. It’s akin to looking into a permanent mirror, one cannot but fail to see them-self in everything.

    Imagine putting two flat shiny plates of Gold & Silver in front of each other with a small space in-between. What would one see on each reflective surface? Gold, right? If I did the same with Black & White plates, nothing changes, they remain black & white. One maintains differences the other unifies them.

    The reason this works, is because of ‘conjuncto’. Everything arising out of One thing. If that wasn’t the case, i.e.: everything was indeed separate from every other thing, then there would be no way of finding a common Unity.