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    Pause II


    The Zazzan breath brings me to a state of stillness and oneness. In the moment, present but separated from the drama swirling around me! I’m grateful for this magnificent gift! – Douglas – Little Rock, USA

    The purpose of PAUSE is to ignite a Unity ‘filament’ allowing One to reverberate with everything. By pausing the mind and adding a special type of breath, a chrysalis is activated where black & white duality sheds a skin to leave Gold & Silver wings of balanced polarity PAUSE is an experiential, pupae, stage which establishes thought equilibrium. By ‘checking’ the Mind one can release deep seated patterns rooted in the drama of duality. Benefits: Enhances Creativity, Increased productivity & Mood improvement, Heightened awareness, Vitality booster, Lifts the fog of depression.  

    Ancient resonance chamber


    Egyptian alchemy in New Zealand

    The chamber is a volumetric copper replica of an ancient sarcophagus found in the Great pyramid of Egypt.

    The chamber acts as a Bio-feedback and amplification device. Thoth (the architect of the pyramids), ascension chamber assists us to raise & align our core resonance from a separate identity of self to an inclusive one. creating more flow, synchronicity and harmony in our lives.

    Available for private bookings: zazzan.nz

    bookings : calendar availability

    Tabula Smaragdina


    The Emerald Tablet, also known as the Smaragdine Table, or Tabula Smaragdina, is a compact and cryptic piece of the Hermetica reputed to contain the secret of the prima materia and its transmutation. It was highly regarded by European alchemists as the foundation of their art and its Hermetic tradition. The original source of the Emerald Tablet is unknown. Although Hermes Trismegistus is the author named in the text

    Translation: Theatrum Chemicum, Volume IV (1613), in: Georg Beatus’ Aureliae Occultae Philosophorum:[9][10]

    1. This is true and remote from all cover of falsehood

    2. Whatever is below is similar to that which is above. Through this the marvels of the work of One thing are procured and perfected.

    3. Also, as all things are made from One, by the [consideration] of One, so all things were made from this One, by conjunction.

    4. The Father of it is the Sun, the Mother the Moon. The Wind bore it in the Womb. Its nurse is the Earth, the Mother of all Perfection

    5. Its power is perfected. If it is turned into earth.

    6. Separate the Earth from the Fire, the subtle and thin from the crude and [coarse], prudently, with modesty and wisdom.

    7. This ascends from the Earth into the Sky and again descends from the sky  to the earth, and receives the power and efficacy of things above and of things below.

    8. By this means you will acquire the glory of the whole world,

    9. And so you will drive away all shadows and blindness.

    emerald tablet

    10. For this by its fortitude snatches the palm from all other fortitude and power. For it is able to penetrate and subdue everything subtle and everything crude and hard.

    11. By this means the world was founded

    12. And hence the marvelous conjunctions of it and admirable effects, since this is the way by which these marvels may be brought about.

    13. And because of this they have called me Hermes Tristmegistus since I have the three parts of the wisdom and philosophy of the whole Universe.

    14. My speech is finished which I have spoken concerning the Solar work.



    Zion Symbolism:  The image here denotes the correct spelling of ZION in symbolic form. Fire, the source of Light, depicted by 3 lines of a triangle, extrapolated into the letter ‘Z’. Water, created from Fire, by turning 90 degrees and X’ing (crossing) itself, creating pure reflection, the mirror of self awareness / consciousness. The 1 & 0, alpha and omega, represent polarity in perfect balanced form, as expressed by the Golden Mean / Ratio.

    zion small

    Z & N are not fixed, they are in divine alchemical relationship, perpetually interchanging at Planck ‘speed’.

    Please refer to the symbolism of Zazzan, which unveils a wider spectrum of ZION, experientially hidden until now.



    Zazzan breathing is a ‘centerless’ technique, which supercharges the quantity of ‘prana’ or ‘life force’ energy entering the body in a calm and natural way, unlike holotropic or rebirthing it is not excessively forced. As such it can be enjoyed as living, daily breath, within any routine without special dispensation.

    Via practical instruction one is guided into ‘Pause’ or the space in-between polarity.

    When polarity is perceived through positive & negative filters, duality arises and like an old Atari tennis game a life perpetually bouncing between varying degrees of happy – sad thoughts and emotions ensues.


    Zazzan breathing assists in neutralising this imbalance and empowering a state of equanimity.

    Pisces meets Aquarius


    For 2160 years ​Pisces has been dreaming a World of Love through sorrow.

    whichever astrological sign one is aligned with, the Piscean filter is the vibe we all wiggle too during this segment of our great 26k year precessional wobble. Whether its a suicide bomber blowing himself and others up in the name of peace, a rich country starving a poor one, days of remembrance for countless wars & victims, the image of Jesus nailed to a cross or just the daily news and life drama, its all about experiencing depths of ‘sorrow’. The circumstances are grim but isn’t that the point, how else would sorrow thrive & survive?

    But how did she do it, if one is made from Love and everything else is, how did Pisces hypnotise a World to believe we were separate from each other in the first place?

    Bowie above sings; ‘something tells me you’re the devil’s daughter“, according to Abrahamic religions  ” the Devil, is an entity that seduces humans into falsehood.wikipedia

    Pisces bought into the false belief ‘I am NOT Love‘ and in that instant her waters, still as a mirror until then reflecting the source of Love became distorted with waves, unable to see ones Love reflected in ‘others’ she begot doubt the guardian of the lie and dreamt love as sorrow in the hearts & minds of wo/mankind. A great myriad of events were endlessly evolved to satisfy the insatiable depth of sorrow.   ​Pisces had entered her own dream, lost in flavours of unrequited Love never before known until such a moment when her lover Aquarius would surface beyond doubt and awaken her.

    At the appointed timing Aquarius reminds Pisces who she is, now upright & awake her choppy waters are returned to the stillness of a mirror.  Aquarius now breathes light through the reed of denied Love that Pisces so magnificently created, sending forth rainbow rays of ‘I am Love’ begetting new vibrations of physical Love, depths of unimaginable bliss & ecstasy, born as a phoenix from the ashes of the old.

    Zazzan Symbolism


    The Zazzan image above, is symbolised like ZION with Z & N bookends. Fire, the source of Light, depicted by 3 lines of a triangle, extrapolated into the letter ‘Z’. Water, created from Fire, by turning 90 degrees and X’ing (crossing) itself, creating pure reflection, the mirror of self awareness / consciousness.

    A & Z, represent the Alpha & Omega. The Microcosm & Macrocosm, and ALL Polarities in stable prismatic ‘Triangular’ form. Every letter of ZAZZAN, is created from three Lines. The central AZ-ZA is actually only depicted correctly in the image above, write AZ on a piece of paper and place it in front of a mirror. You will notice the Z flips or reverses itself. AZ – and the reversed ZA, represent a star tetrahedron or merkaba. (AZ = 6 lines = tetrahedron or 3 sided pyramid) The central AZ-ZA (double triadic hexagram) symbolises pure; Balance, Harmony & Beauty, so above, so below, perceived consciously. Put another way, it symbolises the Polarity of; I & Other shifting to a new stabilised perspective of UNITY, or Trinity Bliss. Whereby I experience everything as i-SELF, which radically alters ones relationship to All natural & living things.  In Barbara Walker‘s The I Ching of the Goddess the symbol signifies  “By penetrating each other to the farthest boundary, god and Goddess formed between them the ancient Tantric symbol of the world and also the yoni: a diamond, flanked by four new triangles that were assimilated to the elements

    ZION depicts the pattern of the perfectness of manifestation as consciousness. Z-AZZA-N goes a step further and invites you to embody that dimensional pattern as YOU.

    zazzan 140 x 48px white

    Previously ZAZZAN was portrayed in the colours of polarity: black & white, this was because the colours of Trinity: Gold & Silver ( see Gold & silver rays of Unity) were not embodied until the major conjunctions 2020 & 2022 happen.

    This ‘birth’ and ‘heart’ of Zazzan is the central diamond, which is formed from the Vesica Piscis which multiplies out as the Seed & flower of life. As you can see from the imagery Zazzan letters are formed from this pattern.

    There is so much more to this image and this page will constantly be updated.

    Zazzan has NO religious or ideological affiliation. It symbolises an embodied state of Bliss & Union with ones-Self. It is NOT based on Theory but practical results that align a being with their unique expression of JOY. Zazzan is NOT the definition of Ones JOY, it is only one way to describe it.

    Ayahuasca- How to keep the good and leave the bad

    Ayahuasca is like playing air hockey the plant creates angles in consciousness to penetrate ones defenses and reveal what’s hidden.
    Ayahuasca; The Good, Bad and Ugly –  and how to mitigate the last two of those experiences.
    I profess to know but two ways, the first is not to digest it in the first place. I mean is life not hallucinogenic enough?
    If you’re still reading, obviously not.
    here it is then, how to extract the Good:
    Ayahuasca needs a ‘me’ & ‘you’ to work, it needs a character to assassinate. just as air hockey needs a ‘puck’ so  Ayahuasca needs a ‘thought’, ones ‘belief” in a ‘thought’ to play.
    That’s the key antidote to Ayahuasca: ‘no thought’, no tango Aya. All that then unfolds is a physical and beneficial cleansing experience with zero emotional, mental or spiritual roly poly investment.
    But If one enjoys the roller coaster of an emotional, mental and spiritual duality ride, great! if it works for you, go for it, however know it’s without end,  Unity by definition means you & I have been everything, done everything, good. bad & ugly.  Ayahuasca will show one in that respect who they infinitely are , who they have been, what they have done, a never ending journey of perspectives.
    So what’s the point, if this can go on eternally, what’s Ayahuasca’s real purpose? sure we discover something we hadn’t seen about ourselves each time we ingest, but isn’t that akin to a dog chasing its tail?
    I suggest Ayahuasca’s real purpose is to stabilize a person as ‘essence’, consciousness IS, only because of reflection. Life is a hall of mirrors that i got lost in (hall-u-c-in,o-geni’) , i  became disconnected by design because the angles of self reflection in this  hall.u.c.in.o.geni.c tricked me into believing the images separated by time and space were different from myself and because I could ‘think’ and believe that thought, so it was ‘real’. Detachment birthing an endless duality drama.
    Again by detaching from the ‘thinker’, by removing the ‘puck’, from my experience is the key to getting the most from ingesting the plant miracle that is Ayahuasca! 


    A bridge is being remade to a part of ourselves long lost.  A wound that has imbued Humanity since its 3rd density inception, across infinite parallel Earth versions of itself, is coming home.
    The refraction that was beautifully created via this water based reality, deliberately skewed our reflection as “Self’. The liquid displacement birthed what we call ‘Duality’, a new angle of consciousness reflected, where our eternal ever present isness was refracted back indirectly, birthing the experience of subject and object.
    All Parallel 3D versions of Earth (MWI) have been working through and exploring the ‘refraction’, mostly negatively, due to the arising fear generated from not instantly and directly knowing oneself as the source of the reflected creation – ‘Love-Unity’.
    Like a bat in a cave or a dolphin in water, both rely on sonar bouncing back to navigate their reality.  Thus the Watery refraction displaced us from feeling ‘equal’, balanced and whole, as the idea of separation and being out-of-control took hold.
    To get back into balance and mitigate the refraction, systems were created far and wide, all but ‘band-aids’ were they, for the theme was agreed, so we see.
    Many an Earth used techno-logic, a mindful endeavor to reflect the control they felt they had lost but all it did was divide body from mind, and emotions were the casualty.
    Just as Masaru Emoto discovered water takes the form of the beholder. So countless Earth’s did evolve in frustration, not knowing right from wrong, the forces applied to unite differences, begot from refraction, did  reflect in kind manifesting  as de-form-ity and many a an Earth did succumb ,  soul-ly because of mistaken identity.
    The grey’s we know and hybrids they spawned are reflecting to us the part we disowned,
    our failures we cast to our darkest recesses, reminders of the pain withheld within.
    A time when Time was lost
    But now we can embrace, for NO failures were ever indeed committed, don’t you see?
    Mistaken identity is all that survives.
    A great new arc of perception is now upon thee.
    It’s a shift in densit -tee.
    Simultaneously  – refraction is evolved into purit-eeee,
    akin to steam becoming plasma.
    a phase change shift is all it takes to see pure -lllyyyy
    The Key is TIME.
    Time was used to compensate for the in-aqua-see,
    Birthing wonders of i-mediate-see
    Open eye’s and you will see.
    note: the coming Avatar 2 movie – is a collective signal of 20/20 spectrum vision.  Director James Cameron’s movie will solve the refraction interface between Air & Water from a filming point-of-view.  It’s eventual release date, whenever that is, will be a delightful mass marker for Hue-manity.

    ‘Let food be thy medicine’


    “Many of you consume animals out of vanity to improve your muscles so you can take pretty pictures.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but what I want you to know is if that  is the reason then it will lead to the destruction of much of your eco systems, not because there’s anything wrong with that but because that desire to create bodies out of vanity, comes from an unhealed emotional trauma within the Self, where a person wants to improve themselves, get stronger, get bigger, I must, I must, I must and it is actually coming from an endless pit of attempting to fulfill & improve the sense of Self from utilising externalised things. Many people in your society utilise animals in this way and there is something very intimate about consuming life force, the idea is when someone doesn’t feel they are enough sometimes they will  consume excessive amounts of life force, this does not always manifest as eating animals, sometimes it can manifest as someone mistreating somebody where they are actually trying to extract life force through the emotional charge that they evoke in other people.

    Now understand that this type of animal consumption of animal products if it is coming from this type of motivation is going to lead to destruction of eco systems.  Same result if a person consumes animal products to be healthy because health does NOT come from Outside of you, because health is created by you inside of yourself then your actions reflect your understanding of your own healthy embodied organic state that comes from within. so if you have a negative definition of health you’ll always be seeking externally to fortify your: health, vitamins, gym, fasting, eat steak every night, whatever it is , understand that these are the types of motivations that when interwoven with the consumption of animals are actually leading your society down a road where the destruction of eco systems will be inevitable.  So the real key here is to begin to remember that your state-of-being is generated from within you, without exception. The moment you decide I am healthy, I am strong that message will radiate throughout your cells and the more you let go of the beliefs ‘i am sick, I am dying, I am wasting away to the passage of time’ the more you let go of that the less you will experience that and engage in actions that promote that. Which means you will consume less by embodying your own natural healthy state.

    This is a respectful way you can utilise animals in a manner that will ensure that you will not destroy eco-systems within your Earth, our Earth.”

    Full channeled Lion Spirit via Tyler Ellison available here