Caterpillar to Butterfly


A Black & White caterpillar transforming into a Gold & Silver butterfly is a beautiful metaphor to explain Zazzan.

As the caterpillar moves, the bands of colour seem to expand & contract. Imagine if these colours represented the Masculine & Feminine archetypes, constantly in flux, sometimes feeling positively expansive and other times negatively suppressed. Never realising they’re of One body. These changing states could be reflective of long time periods on Earth, one age worshiping a feminine deity another a masculine one, or it could be an individual theme countries are exploring, ‘fatherland’ Germany or ‘motherland’ Italy. Or then again they could represent the stream of mental changing thoughts, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.
The question really is how does all this get transformed into something refreshingly new, like Unity? not diminishing the experience of duality, its been great a ride, but now let’s upshift.
The caterpillar to butterfly example if extrapolated to humanity, will allow a clean slate. All the harms & injustices, memories, happiness or abuse, given up, transcended as irrelevant.
If Life shows us this transformation exists in nature why can it not exist for us Humans?
Zazzan suggests it does. And one way it can be observed is via the shifting of perception from Black & white (duality) to Gold & Silver (Unity) optics.

Staying with the Butterfly example: When the (mirror) silver butterfly looks at the gold one, it obviously beholds a golden butterfly. But, i suggest, when the Golden butterfly looks at the silver one, it also sees a gold hue due to perceiving its own reflection. Polarity still exists, but the result is Unity. Gold & Silver are metaphors for conjuncto, or source perceiving itself via oneness-X-reflection.

The One is the All, The All is the One.

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G the founder of Zazzan has been around various transcendental practices for two decades having had his curiosity sparked while working as an antiquities guide in Crete & Egypt during the early 90’s, in the 2000’s G delved deeper into the mystery and paradox of life, from Sufi whirling to Native American Sundance and much more, learning via direct participation in a variety of indigenous practices. Further time spent living in Egypt & Atlantis (aka Cuba) rekindled his interest in an ancient ‘resonance’ device located within the largest Egyptian pyramid. “I realised vibration was the source of time & space, the pulse of life. Our bodies are like musical instruments, tuned and interconnected to the ever present Now”. G found by keying our core frequency in particular ways participants can awaken innate gifts unto now dormant, such as; Inter-species communication, channeling, deja vu, synchronistic happenings, enhanced creativity, increased productivity, mood improvement & heightened awareness. Zazzan are pleased to announce they will be taking a copper replica of an ancient Egyptian acoustic chamber found in the Great Pyramid of Cheops around New Zealand, which will be available for sessions.

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